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Charleston Capital Services was started in 2013 in Charleston, SC to facilitate funding good commercial real estate projects hampered by the contemporary banking situations.  We use first rate national and private resources unavailable in many local markets. 

We have the skill and resources to assist many development situations and general business needs related to commercial development, particularly for developers, builders, and substantial subcontractors.

Very important is the availability of funding for residential development, particularly single family homes for large and small builder/developers.  Some very good builders have been lacking practical financing options. The result is the current tight supply for new homes in some markets. We have several flexible sources, good skill in getting your proposals considered, and our Spec House Loan program carries no broker fees at all.  We will be faster,  very possibly cheaper, and definitely more flexible for many builders than local banks.

Charleston Capital Services is a small boutique operation run by Dan Stanfill in Knoxville, TN serving the regional market with in-person service.  If you need assistance with a project anywhere, or just want to talk strategy, please give us a call! We are easy going, good listeners, and want the best for you.

Thanks for looking,  we are glad to help!


Dan Stanfill